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Voltage Regulator Kits

This is a legacy product and is no longer available.

Voltage Regulator Kits Nearly every electronic project needs a power supply. Why spend a lot of time scrounging the parts and hand wiring one for your next project when you can build one up from one of our kits in just minutes?

These kits come complete with a PCB, heat sink & hardware, 78xx voltage regulator IC and capacitors.

Order the VR3-Pack so you will have what you need when your next project idea comes along. Mix or match voltages. Each kit in the VR3-Pack contains 3 individually packaged voltage regulator kits with 1 set of instructions.

VR-X Specifications

Output Voltage:
      VR-3.3   3.3V
      VR-5      5V
      VR-8      8V
      VR-9      9V
      VR-12   12V
      VR-15   15V
Regulation: 2%
Input Voltage: Min: Output voltage + 2V, Max: 25V
Current: 1 Amp max (VR-3.3 500ma)
Size: PCB 1" X 1.5"

VR Manual (PDF)

This is a legacy product and is no longer available.

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