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BT-75 Beverage Transformer

Click to Enlarge Beverage receive antennas, even short ones, can make all the difference on the low bands. The BT-75 Beverage transformer is your first step in building a wire Beverage antenna that really pulls weak DX signals out of the noise.

The BT-75 impedance transformer uses separate windings on a binocular ferrite core. The output is designed to match low loss 75 ohm RG-6 CATV coax for maximum performance at the lowest cost.

Designed for long term reliability, the electronics are are housed in a NEMA rated enclosure and use stainless hardware. A gas discharge tube gives added protection from nearby lightning strikes. Inside, the components are given a coat of electronic conformal coating for added protection.

Installation is simplified with mounting flanges on the case. Stainless steel wing nuts make antenna and ground wire attachment in the field a quick process.

Complete your Beverage antenna system with the RXT-470 termination resistor, sold separately. The RXT-470 uses a 470 ohm ceramic resistor featuring low inductance, high surge capability, and is rated at 2 watts. It includes a gas discharge tube for extra protection and is housed in a NEMA rated case.

BT-75 Specifications

Antenna: 450 ohm (nominal)
Coax: 75 ohm
Case Size:
3.8" X 2.4" X 1.4"
Coax: F type coaxial connector
Antenna and ground wire: Stainless steel screws, wing nut
PDF - BT-75 User Manual
PDF - Schematic


BT-75 Beverage Transformer $37.95

BT-75 and BTR-470 may be ordered from:

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