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I/O Expander Shield for Arduino

There never seems to be enough Input/Output (I/O) lines on microcontroller projects. The IOX-16 will add 16 digital lines on a single shield. Stack up to 8 boards for a total of 128 I/O lines for really large projects.

Each I/O line can be individually configured as an input or output. Signal access is provided through a pair of 10 pin right angle headers.

The IOX-16 is designed to be flexible to easily match your project's unique needs. Jumpers allow selection of voltage sources, board address and other configuration settings. The new I/O lines and Arduino signals are assessable through solder pads for connection to your on board circuitry on the prototype area.

The IOX-16 is compatible with the Duemilanove, Uno and similar Arduino and Arduino clones. The R3 version is compatible with the Uno R3 and newer Arduino processors using the new 10 pin header.

When your project runs out of I/O, the IOX-16 will put it back on track.
IOX-16 I/O Expander Shield for Arduino

Shipped assembled and tested as shown.
Size: 2.75" X 2.1"
Maximum external DC supply voltage: 15V
Supply voltage: 3.3V or 5.V (jumper selectable)
Output sink/source current maximum: Individual pin: 25ma IC total: 125ma
Board Address: Jumper selectable
PDF - User's Manual
PDF - Schematic
INO - IOX-16 Arduino Input Demo program
INO - IOX-16 Arduino Output Demo program

I/O Expander Shield for Deumilanove, Uno with 8 pin header$19.95
I/O Expander Shield for Uno R3 with 10 pin header$19.95
Ribbon cable for IOX-16, 6" long. 2X5 connectors both ends $1.00

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