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HSD-9 High Side Driver Board

The HSD-9 High Side Driver board is the easy way to adapt a BCD-10 or other low side switching band decoder to a high side antenna or filter switch.

Antenna switches are either high side or low side switched. There are advantages to each, but it is a pain if your decoder and switch are different types. The HSD-9 is a convenient way to convert the BCD-10 or other decoder to high side switching. Simply place the HSD-9 between the BCD-10 and your switch.


Size:2.4" X 1.9"
Voltage:24V DC


Price: $14.95

HSD-9 High Side Driver Board

Shipped assembled and tested as shown.

Low side switch - High side switch

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 $14.95    HSD-9 High Side Driver Board 
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