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Replacement Meter Lamps for
Hy-Gain and CDE Rotor Control Boxes

Are you tired of replacing the lamp in your rotor box? The ML-6 uses reliable LEDs to replace the hard to find lamp used to illuminate the meter in Hy-gain and CDE Ham-M type control boxes. Six white LEDs provide even illumination, and you can adjust the brightness to the perfect level for your shack.

The ML-6 is easy to install. Peel the backing paper off the Velcro tape and press the circuit board on the top of the meter. Then solder the two wires to the old lamp holder. Adjust the brightness and you are done!

The ML-6 is designed for rotor control boxes with a single bulb above the meter with a clear plastic top.

Size: 4.1" X .5"
Voltage: 24VAC
Current: Approximately 50ma at full brightness
PDF - User's Manual
PDF - Schematic

Order your ML-6 Replacement Meter Lamps here:

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 $12.95  ML-6 Replacement Meter Lamp 
  US Shipping is $8.00 per order
  International Shipping is $36.00 per order
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ML-6 Before Installation
Shipped assembled and tested as shown.

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ML-6 Installed in Hy-Gain Control Box

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